Published on June 21, 2012, by in Business, Internships.

Rising HPU Senior, Johnathan Jones, and the Entrepreneur Center’s youngest Entrepreneur age 10.

When I began my search for an internship this summer, a friend told me about the Entrepreneur Center in Nashville, TN. This place has been the perfect fit! I get to actually use what I am learning in my major on a daily basis.

As an intern at the EC, I get to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into working start-up businesses by preparing business pitches, creating business plans and working on marketing strategies. In future entries, I will go into detail about what I have done with some of the start-ups.

The Entrepreneur Center is home to the Jumpstart Foundry. JSF puts new companies through a 14-week intensive bootcamp that prepares them to raise investor capital. This summer is going to be non-stop, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

-Johnathan Jones ‘13