Published on June 27, 2012, by in Interior Design, Internships.

Since my last blog post I have been very busy with helping out around the studio and on appointments. One of the designers that I mentioned in my last post was out on medical leave last week, so I helped her out by taking on appointments for her since she couldn’t be there. I went to five different houses for installations of shades, shutters, and blinds. It is important for the designers to go out to the installations to make sure that it is installed correctly and that it looks the way the homeowner wanted it to appear. At the first house, I was at a woman’s home who was getting new drapes and a Hunter Douglas shade in her home office. The installation went smoothly, and we were ready for the next appointment.

Interior Design, Blinds Installation, Decorating, InternshipAt The second home, we had to install five top-down, bottom-up roman shades. (See picture.) These types of shades are great for bedrooms because they allow light to come in from the top and still have privacy in the room. These shades can be pulled up like and normal shade (from bottom to the top of the window), and they also can be pulled from the top to the bottom of the sill. One of the reasons that the homeowner loved this type of shade was because of her dogs. When the window was open, the dogs would look out and bark at everything they saw. She could never have natural light in her room without hearing her dogs barking at people outside. Now that she has top-down, bottom-up shades she can pull the shade down from the top and allow natural into her bedroom.

The last house I went to on Friday was one of Lori’s clients that I visited a few weeks earlier. This was exciting for me because it has been one of the few designs that I have seen from start to finish. A few weeks ago we went to her house to pick out fabrics for the drapes in her living room and fabric for the valance in her kitchen. We also decided on styles for the drape and valence. Once we figured that out, we were able to order it for her, and then I was back at the installation! I made sure that everything went smoothly and, in the end, the homeowner loved how it looked and was very pleased with the results.