Wow… things have been quite busy in the lab!  There are so many different techniques and skills that I am learning.  This past week I learned how to do “immunocy to chemistry.”  The basis on this technique is having a primary antibody tag a protein (in my case GPR109A) and then have a secondary antibody that binds the primary antibody.  This secondary antibody is conjugated with a fluorescence tag that I can then use to visualize the presence of the protein.  

The picture shows the images produced from a fluorescent microscope.  The blue color is the stain for the nucleus known as DAPI.  The red stain represents the GPR109A receptors.  We also wanted a green stain to appear that was suppose to be a marker to prove that we were looking at endothelium cells.  Unfortunately, for some reason, this stain didn’t appear.  Looks like we’ll have to do some trouble shooting to figure out why it’s not staining or try to find another protocol!  Hopefully I will have better results by my next post! Thanks for reading!