Published on July 9, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.
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Pictured is a new pool product by Neo being utilized by an incredibly adorable pooch. I'm building brand new social media pages for the company and its products from scratch.

I work with growing the social media sites. When I started working with the ChiliPad Facebook fan page, there were 485 fans. Now we’re up to 2,050!

And now a new fan page has been born! Just a couple days ago I started a Facebook fan page for pool products called Neo. There’s only 3 fans, but that’s only because my coworker and I are working on setting up the page. Then there was a mystery fan who just happened to find it.

I’m not going to lie, our system for organizing files on the Y drive isn’t the best… There were random folders everywhere. So I searched through thousands of pictures looking for the right pictures for the fan page. I’ve finally got them all up and all the information filled out. It’s ready to go live!

Unfortunately, there is no existing fan bases ready to tap for this page. They don’t have an email list, blogs, newsletters… anything. Just a website, so I’ll start there.

Normally when it comes to promoting something, I start with my own friends and family on my personal Facebook. However, I feel like I’m advertising stuff now more than I’m talking about myself. Therefore, the plan is to see if I can build this one from scratch without bugging my friends. Ok… maybe just once, but that’s it. Promise.

To promote the new page, I’ve created an entire contest. Basically, I will create a picture of someone using the pool product and post it. Just by sharing the picture, people will be entering the contest. I wanted to make it as easy as possible. At the end of a week, I will put all the names in a fishbowl and pick a winner. Prizes will probably be a Visa gift card and a pool toy. Then lather, rinse and repeat every week until I’m happy with the number of fans. We’ll see how it goes :)