Spike, Video Games Awards, Gamers, Spike GTE3 Party, Video Game TechnologyTwo days after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, I worked with my favorite event team from MTV again. This time it was for the 2012 Spike GTE3 party.  This party is any gamers dream, and I’m talking VIDEO GAMES.  This was the first time I worked this event, and with it came other firsts. 

Held at the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, this party closed out Spike channels GTE3 party weekend 2012. At GTE3 events and parties, guests get an inside look at the gaming world.  Not only do they get a sneak peak at what games are being released in 2012 and the beginning of 2013, they get to test drive them… or should I say test-play…?  Regardless, attendees see what new and innovative games and gaming systems are in the works.

Coverage of gaming conferences and video samples of the games to look for streamed all night over a projector that guests could watch before taking the elevator up to the rooftop party.  Celebrity Pete Wentz showed up to give the new up-and-coming games a try at the GTE3 event held earlier in the weekend.  Game developers, Spike VIP and Add-Sales execs were among those partying the night away to an awesome DJ, lounging in Pod booths, and enjoying drinks… Oh and did I mention it was poolside?  Guests were having such a good time noshing on good food and joining in the social scene that the party extended an hour and a half beyond the planned midnight time frame, ending around 1:30 AM with guests leaving clasping embroidered GTE3 2012 decorative pillows! All in all the party was a success! Here are some pics to help you visualize the nerdy-chic scene that only Los Angeles can provide!