Published on July 10, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

This week I was given probably my most important task this summer – writing a press release, by myself, from scratch. The company I work for is the Community and Media Relations partner for a huge event in September, the Countess de Hoernle’s 100th birthday celebration. The event is so big that both a Facebook page and URL were created for all the information, ticket sales, etc. A release needed to be written about the two sites, and I was given the job! 

First off, it is very hard to write about a topic you know little to none about, so this required some research. I played around on the Facebook page and took notes of what viewers could access on the site. I then had to somehow craft a release that would entice readers to be driven to read the release but not give them too much information so that they would actually go online to look at the sites. A game of mind trickery almost! 

My first go at the release, not so hot. I suppose I was writing too much like a news release rather than a feature release. I needed to find a way to put my personality through all while giving the least amount of details, all the while not remaining boring! Needless to say my brain has been going haywire trying to figure out how to say so much in so few words.

One really important thing that I learned was the importance of printing out work and editing on a hard copy. While trying to be green, I know that many people are hesitant to do so and prefer editing right on the computer screen. After working on this release for at least six hours over the past two days, my eyes started to just skim over the page. I had to print out a copy and without surprise, I found a few mistakes. These would probably not have been found if I hadn’t printed a copy!

This has been a great learning experience, and hopefully the release gets across the right message!