Published on July 10, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

Percepture Inc., Social Media Innovation, MyMusicCloud, FanPlayr, Crispy Green, Strategic Communication, Content CreationAll my hard work has paid off so far this summer! I am not only being paid for my internship, but I have been hired officially for this fall. I will continue working with Percepture Inc. remotely from HPU after I return for classes, and I am also receiving business cards, a phone extension and even my own “big girl” desk that I am free to decorate. The excitement I feel is unexplainable. I now have three clients that I personally work with on social media creating content, promotions, giveaways and so much more. The variety of my clients challenges me each day, and I look forward to executing their overall goal of increasing sales through the collaboration of public relations, marketing and social media.

There are many promotions and giveaways that I have created that will be posted soon, and some have already been published. Seeing my creative designs online rocks! Check out MyMusicCloud, Fanplayr and Crispy Green, all on Facebook and Twitter, to see more information about these great companies. Stay tuned for more updates regarding these great companies and my success at Percepture Inc.