Published on July 10, 2012, by in Entertainment, Internships.

Sooooo I finally started my internship. I’ve been so crazy busy working on commercials as a wardrobe productions assistant for Moxie Pictures, an events PA for MTV, and my job at my boutique in Santa Monica that I haven’t gotten the chance to let you know what I’ve been up to at the Los Angeles location of Eastern Costume.

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Costume Houses are by far some of the coolest places I’ve gotten to go to this summer. They are practically a time machine, sending me back through the 1900’s to the 1800’s. It puts me in the middle of battle for the army, the navy and the marines. I’m in the shoes of a fireman, policeman and nurse, and I’m immersed in the clothes of a 20’s flapper, a 70’s hippie, the anything-goes-for-clothes of big shoulder pads, colored pants, and poufy dresses of the 80’s. I’m brought back to childhood with the 90’s, and I am in awe of the personalities that adorn rack after rack after rack down aisle after aisle of Eastern Costume’s two fully loaded Hollywood costume house. I’ve started my internship in the midst of the company’s reorganization. They’ve grown so much in the past two years that they now are separating their men’s and women’s clothing between two warehouses. Although I can only spend one day a week at Eastern Costume, I’ve already been introduced to the world of wardrobe. My first day, I acclimated myself with EVERYTHING that is 70’s and 80’s… and let me tell you the 80’s are by far my favorite just because everything was so dramatic and obtuse. We are all now wearing a subdued version of the 80’s! I hate to break it to some of you, but the 80’s are a one-of-a-kind time in our history as far as fashion is concerned.

However, Eastern Costume is most widely and commonly known for their uniform inventory, which ranges from men’s and women’s army and navy dress to nurses and doctors scrubs, and police and fireman uniforms. If you can think of the uniform, you can find it at Eastern Costume… literally. Right now the company is also working on a project for a new ride for Disney starring Minnie Mouse, which they’re making bright blue stewardess hats for the rides employees. They’re reminiscent of the Pan Am hats, so I’m curios to see the final product! 

In addition to projects like this one, Eastern Costume has a fully equipped tailoring department where TV shows including NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles will bring alterations to be made on some of the shows wardrobe when needed.  Both NCIS shows wardrobe stylists and supervisors are familiar faces at Eastern Costume since much of their wardrobe is military and uniform based. It doesn’t end here though, Eastern Costume has acted as the wardrobe provider for many other tv shows, commercials and feature films. Working on my second day I met a woman who was pulling men’s and women’s clothes for a feature called the Liberace Project.  Eastern Costume provided wardrobe for the old time favorite “Star Trek” among many others, television shows including but not limited to “General Hospital” “Army Wives,” and “Law & Order”, as well as the Panda Express “Pirates” and the Nike “Bomb Suit” commercials and some theatre performances.

During my work day I came across wardrobe for a movie we all know… “The Hangover 2.”  Yepp!!!! That’s right, Eastern Costume is the owner to the Thai Policeman’s uniforms and those recognizable bright yellow monks uniforms you see in the film.  Here are some photos of 80’s coats and the Thai Policeman and Monk uniforms.  I’m really looking forward to the rest of my time at Eastern Costume, learning the clothes from every era and exploring the world of a wardrobe stylist and costume designer in the competitive industry of Hollywood film and television. I’ll keep you posted! =]