Published on July 13, 2012, by in Business, Internships, Marketing.

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of entries from our bloggers that offers career and internship advice to the incoming Class of 2016.

So you’re a big kid now, going off to college and whatnot. There’s a ton of people in just your class alone. How do you stand out? When it comes to getting a job, what makes you different from anyone else out there? The answer is: internships. Potential employers love to see that you’ve worked for companies before. Having an internship is one of the strongest resume builders you can find. I also suggest being involved in organizations at HPU and assisting with school-wide projects to land those internships. Over the summer, you should work on personal projects to build up a portfolio, whether its writing/blogging, taking photographs, making videos or networking.

I’m a resume-builder junkie. I currently hold three internship positions.

My main internship is a media internship with T2 International. I’ve been given total control over social media, which has increased by 470% since my arrival. I also assist with product photoshoots and editing, do the post-production on commercials, and assist with designing. I haven’t had to fetch coffee yet! 😉 I got this internship by working with HPU’s Eric Melniczek, the director of Career and Internship Services. I highly recommend getting your resume and internship options set up through him! He’s here to help YOU!

During the school year, I intern with 3 local YMCA’s. For this internship, I take pictures to be used for their social media sites and potential advertising. I help set up for large events and help make big presentations for their annual meetings. And sometimes I just get to play with the kids. :) I secured this internship by being a part of HPU’s Media Fellows Program.

My final internship is one I found on my own. It’s a virtual internship with Mochi Magazine, so I do everything from my laptop, which has been stellar since I can work from home. I edit pictures, maintain follower lists, and write monthly newsletters. I found this internship using, which is great because it deals less with “traditional paper resumes” and works more with creative videos to get you internships in hard-to-break-into-industries. It has great opportunities for people looking for internships with big names like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sephora and Lacoste. I loved what Intern Sushi stood for so much that I decided to become an Intern Sushi Campus Ambassador, so if you decide to sign up (which you should, they have great opportunities in big cities!) be sure to list me as the one who referred you :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer! We can’t wait to have you at High Point!

Melia Sigmon