It’s our off month at Triad Stage, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t busy! With no current shows going on, it gives everyone in the office time to organize everything and get prepared for the upcoming season. Yesterday we sent out a 3,800 piece mailing. It definitely took a lot of fast hands and patience, but it was a fun process. Being able to see the non-profit side of the theatre is great because I’ll now have some experience in that as I move forward!

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Working hard to get out 3,800 mail pieces

This will be Triad Stage’s 12th season, and I’m having so much fun watching all the creative work that goes into getting ready for it. I’ve gone to meetings with outside graphic designers to look at the choices for the season being made, and it is so completely interesting to see how it all goes down! There are some web changes that are coming up as well, and I’ve helped with some of the research that will contribute to some of the changes, which is exciting. It’s unreal to be able to observe it all, but it’s so awesome to see all the different aspects that go into creating a successful theater company.

Also, I’ve helped my boss sort through boxes of artifacts and documents dating back to before the theatre even existed! Being able to see the history of this company is really important to me. We even found some of the possible original logo ideas before the current logo was established. This place has come a long way, and I really enjoy being a little part of that. It makes me sad to realize that I only have a couple weeks left of this internship, because it has gone by so quickly so far!