Published on July 20, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

Did you know – There are 43 quintillion possibilities with a Rubik’s cube? I didn’t. I wasn’t completely sure of the spelling of “Rubix” until I had to write a voiceover for a looped presentation that will be playing during a Vegas trade show. The entire theme of my company’s booth is based around this simple toy that gained major popularity in the 80’s.

I’m helping plan, film, and edit the presentation that will be playing on TV. I’m also assisting with designing and creating the physical display at their booth. We’re making a giant Rubik’s cube out of cardboard boxes that will be refolded and shipped to Vegas on Friday. On the faces of the cubes will be info, product examples, color blocks, and logos. We’ve only got about two more days to do a majority of the work.

In other news, I’ve also been researching Medicare from a provider’s point of view to see if we can get our products further into the healthcare industry. We’re already Medicare certified, we just have to get the details ironed out. I must admit, reading through government legal documents isn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever done 😉 Although, it does make me feel like a lawyer.

[ Here’s the link to the video I made: ]