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Battalion Training, Airforce Assault, ROTC Univeristy Programs, HawaiiHey guys, I know I’m a late start in the summer, but I appreciate you reading about my awesome experience. My name is James Garrity, from Fayetteville, N.C., and I’ll be a senior in the fall. I’m a criminal justice major with a political science minor. Throughout my years at HPU, I’ve become known as the “ROTC guy” and am approachable with any questions from faculty or families about the program.

If anyone is interested in ROTC, this will be some insight into the kind of opportunities you are afforded. Here is a little bit about my military background as follows:

– grew up in a military family with both my parents serving at different times:

 – received a 4 year ROTC scholarship and chose HPU as my school to attend (second to none after visiting it!)

– received an Air Assault slot as a freshman from my Battalion and went on to West Point to earn my wings

– afforded an Airborne slot my sophomore year which I knocked out that summer

– attended LDAC (mandatory for all aspiring officers to complete before commissioning, I’ll post the link to it next time if you want to explore it) in 5th Regiment. BOBCATS!

– immediately following LDAC, flew out to Hawaii for CTLT

Cadet Troop Leader Training is the Army’s way of providing an internship. Just as any private sector internships, the positions aren’t given to anyone, so it’s something you have to compete for. My CTLT slot is with 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, of the 25 Infantry Division. That’s all of the unit tree that you won’t understand, but you could research if you want!

Since I’m a little behind in blogging, this is going to be a semi-lengthy blog entry with an overview of the first few days. I came into Hawaii around 103:0 p.m. on July 17 and was in my room around midnight. Woke up the next morning to meet the people I’d be working with for the next few weeks. It has been a slow couple of days filled with rehearsals and ceremonies for the new leadership that is coming in at the higher headquarter levels.

This is one of the ceremonies we've had in the last few days.

Other than that I’ve been seeing how a Lieutenant gets stuff done. It’s completely different than you would think. A lot of stuff is put up to the platoon sergeant who takes care of the soldiers. The platoon sergeant is the platoon leader (lieutenant’s) best friend and right hand man. Although technically outranked, the platoon sergeant is the most experienced person in the platoon and provides all of the insight. The lieutenant is the planner while the platoon sergeant is the facilitator.

Other than having conversations with all of the LTs and seeing first hand the jobs done by LTs, I’ve been at the parade field for the ceremonies. Starting next week, we will be in the field so I can see how an LT operates “on the battlefield” – which is obviously different than in garrison. After that, there will be more planning of activities and training!

Stay tuned for my awesome experiences in the U.S. Army Infantry!