NBC, NBC Advertising, NBC Fall Line UP, NBC Fall Premier Schedule, The Office, Parks and RecHey readers!

I am here to update you all on how my internship has been going the last few weeks. It has been a crazy few weeks at NBC as we have moved into our third quarter. Over the past few weeks I have worked on a lot of projects, and many of them have been preparation for the third quarter. Also, the fall season is approaching quickly, so it is time to start lining up our fall primetime shows. The sales department has now been given the final line up for all of our primetime shows, so I have prepared an updated quarter 3 calendar for the sales department.

With many of our shows premiering in August and September, the sales department really needs to keep an eye on what shows are airing when, especially premieres episodes. Our clients need to be up to date as well because many prices for primetime spots will be increasing. I have recently made an excel spreadsheet for client use that explains all of NBC’s fall season premiere dates. Premiere episodes are more expensive than regular primetime shows, so the spreadsheet was made for them to know when they should air their advertisements.

Another preparation I have been working on has been revising the sports schedule for the third quarter. Many of the sports programs are constantly changing. I have gone through the whole third quarter schedule and pulled out every sports program scheduled on a spreadsheet with descriptions and dates  for the AE’s and managers.

Recently I began learning how to use a program called ADconnect that runs through OSI. Through this program our clients can review their “postings.” When a client decides to purchase time slots, they are told what an average rating a show receives so they know how many viewers will likely see the advertisement. Once their order has been aired, many clients like to view their “post.” The post compares what the client has been told for a rating to what rating the show actually received when their commercial was aired. Once compared, it gives them a percentage of how close they were to what they were expecting. I have learned how to use this program and post the clients orders.

The time has come again to go through Comcast’s invoices. For viewers who haven’t seen my previous post one of our biggest clients at WHDH is Comcast. Comcast is a very unique client where they have two separate advertisements. One ad is for viewers that already have Comcast and the other is for viewers who do not have Comcast. Each month they like to receive a spreadsheet of their invoices for when each commercial was aired. I use the program OSI to pull their invoice and create the spreadsheets for them.

So now you are all up to date on some of my bigger projects! I’ll be sure to post again soon!

                Emily Brock