Published on July 24, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

MyMusicCloud Concert Tickets Giveaway launched July 23! Hooray! I am so excited that my first social media promotion is finally up and running where fans can win two tickets to the concert of their choice. I have learned so much, from designing this promotion, creating language content, developing graphics, writing a press release/pitch and drafting legal documents. The many steps that must be taken to create a great contest on social media are immense, but essential for a well-developed promotion. The contest is launched, but my job is not finished yet. For the next month I will be promoting the contest on social media and monitoring the analytics of the contest to make sure it is effective. I am very excited to see how successful the contest becomes! 

Want to enter the contest? Go to the MyMusicCloud Concert Tickets Giveaway sweepstakes tab on Facebook.  For even more entries, check out the MyMusicCloud Sweepstakes Page. Thank you in advance for entering!  


Angela Tagliareni