Published on July 25, 2012, by in Chemistry, Internships, Research.

Hello readers,

It is crazy how fast a summer internship can go!  I can’t believe my nine weeks are already done, but in such a short time I was able to learn so much.  Throughout my summer, I quickly realized how paying attention in my classes such as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology prepared me for such an intensive project.  I was able to learn a variety of lab techniques and understand all about diabetic retinopathy.  Although a lot of my experiments did not turn out exactly as expected, I learned that this is part of research.  One must be very perseverant in order to succeed in research and learn how to problem solve issues.  If you are in college, I really recommend applying for an internship next summer.  It is a great way to apply what you are learning in the classroom and receive some hands on experience.  It also is a great way to forge connections and make new friends. 

I presented my research in a poster presentation this past week.  Although it was sad I was going to be leaving GHSU, I was very proud of my poster.  There was a two hour session in which other mentors and graduate students came around and asked questions about our research.  Being able to present yourself is critical to succeeding in both research and medicine.  So I took this opportunity as a learning experience and received many complements on not only my research, but my ability to understand my project.