Published on July 25, 2012, by in Entertainment, Internships.

The past two days have been WONDERFUL! Thanks to Triad Stage, I was able to attend the North Carolina Theater Conference (NCTC) Producing Gathering in Chapel Hill. The event was spread out over two days and was filled with presentations, panel discussions and group conversations on the most pertinent topics in the theater world. Once I got there, I was very glad to find out that some HPU theater faculty, Jay Putnam and Ed Simpson, were in attendance as well. Also, I quickly found out that HPU alum and one of my Phi Mu sorority sisters, Eliza, was there. It made me so excited to know that HPU would be well represented.

On the first day, I went to a discussion led by Jay Putnam about artistic leadership and how to prepare upcoming leaders to fill current shoes when the time comes. It was really insightful to hear about how current theater professionals had landed their current positions. Then, I went along to listen to my boss, Megan, speak about social media in the industry.

The next day, I heard the follow-up presentation that went deeply into social media. Both presentations really opened my eyes on the subject. Other presentations I listened to included, “Budgeting Basics,” “How to Train Managing Directors,” and ‘How to Build Diverse Audiences.” All were so eye-opening. Being around people who were running the best theaters in North Carolina was very insightful.

I was the only undergraduate student there, so it was an honor to learn from already successful people in the theatre industry. I couldn’t be more thankful for the experience. Well, I have three meetings this afternoon, so I must go. But I’ll be updating soon!