Published on July 31, 2012, by in Business, Internships, Marketing.

Although my internship is within worldwide marketing at SAS, I was lucky enough to take a few software classes last week. I took two classes that lasted two and a half days. The first class was on how to build models using SAS Sentiment Analysis Studio, and the second was on how to build models using SAS Content Categorization Studio. Sentiment Analysis Studio can take text files, or in my case tweets, and judge whether the content is positive or negative. It uses advanced linguistic rules to judge the sentiment of the text. Content Categorization Studio uses similar language processing and advanced linguistic techniques to identify key topics and phrases in text.

In a nutshell, by using these two pieces of software I can take thousands of tweets and determine what they are talking about and whether it is positive or negative. Amazing! Content Categorization and Sentiment Analysis are two of the major pieces that make up the SAS Social Media Analytics product. I am very happy to have these new skills and techniques to put on my resume. When I am at school I make sure to use all of HPU’s abundant resources, so I was happy to take advantage of some SAS training during my internship. Till next week!