Published on July 31, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

I took a bit of a different approach – making a top 10 of the summer! Hope you enjoy:

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Kaye Communications. With only 2 more full days of work before my internship comes to a close and I head to the beach for the last few days of summer, I’ve decided to come up with the Top 10 highlights and learning experiences of this summer.

10. Learning to use Excel: I hated it at first. As a communications student, I figured that Excel was only for math and numbers, but it turns out that Excel comes in use for just about everything in life. I would highly suggest learning how to use Excel for any major!

9. Media Lists, Media Lists, Media Lists: I have learned how to edit, update, and locate contacts on media lists throughout the summer. In addition, I created my own “media list” for all of the local schools, with information regarding their principals, music teachers, community relations contact, with all of their contact info! You saw my older post about turning a scary spreadsheet into a not so scary spreadsheet; I owned that spreadsheet!

8. Venturing around Downtown Boca: Most of you probably don’t know this about me but I’m a Connecticut girl at heart. I only moved down to South Florida last August, so living and working down here has been an adventure in itself. I remember feeling very accomplished after being sent to different locations around the city and not getting lost (or too lost)!

7. The Iguana: While in the middle of a very important Webinar about the “Top Ten Tips for Social Media,” one of my co-workers shouted out to everyone in the office, “LOOK OUTSIDE!” An iguana had come up to our window (we’re on the first floor of our building) to say hello. Another part of getting used to South Florida. Lizards and snakes and frogs oh my!

6. Edit, then edit again: One of the most valuable lessons I learned throughout my time here is that you can never edit too many times. Additionally, it is so important to print out your copy and edit on hard paper. After reading on a computer screen for so many hours a day, words can become a blur and mistakes can be overlooked. More times than not I found silly mistakes in my writing when I printed out my work. I will definitely continue this practice when I return to HPU.

5. Phone Etiquette: Some people are just not friendly on the phone! I consider myself to be a lively and polite person, but despite all the social graces you may possess, some people just do not like talking on the phone. I was more entertained with this than insulted and found it funny to call people back until I got the information I was looking for, no matter how many excuses or hang-ups I received. Oh well, at least I got my job done, right?! My favorite experience on the phone was speaking with one client, who was so sweet and extremely southern and would only refer to me as “darlin’.” There was no need to ask who was calling once I heard her southern accent!

4. When in doubt, ask: As students and interns, sometimes we are afraid to ask either for an explanation or clarity. I try to be as self-sufficient in the office as possible but there are just some times in which a clearer and more experienced answer is needed. I guess I had to hop off my high horse and ask for help. Most importantly, asking for help does not mean you are weak, if anything it shows that you are inquisitive and looking to do the best job possible.

3. Office Comedians: While the office place can be a very serious environment, the other interns and I did enjoy a laugh or two, or two hundred. Picture three sorority girls, a recent college grad guy, and two bosses. We liked to joke around and have fun! I think that is so important in the office because it builds relationships to help work run more smoothly. I have gained not only work colleagues out of this internship but true friends!

2. Be Prepared for the Unexpected: While I am one of those girls who lives by my hourly to-do list in my agenda that I carry around with me everywhere, clients can have an emergency at any minute and that causes you to drop all your plans and attend to them. This experience has taught me to be more flexible and help as much as possible.

1. Writing: From this internship, I have has such an amazing opportunity to improve my writing. While I am still not sure what I want to be when I “grow up,” I know I want to have writing be a major part of it. My boss has helped me to better my writing and find my own critiques. I believe this has strengthened my editing skills and will set me apart in the future.