I don’t even know how this is possible, but it is my last day at Triad Stage! The summer has absolutely flown by, and now that I’m at the end, I really realize how incredible this summer has been. With the marketing director leaving right before I came in, it was a lot of work for my boss to handle new responsibilities. But she handled everything so well and I am so grateful to have been part of the process.

I have learned more than I can even express. From putting together press packets, to going to publicity photo shoots, to experiencing trade meetings/conferences with various partnerships we have in the area, I have been a part of so many incredible learning experiences. I have loved working with this group of people; it really is a great group to work for, and I’m definitely sad to go!

Seeing everything come together for the upcoming season has probably been the most exciting for me. I have gone through and proofed items such as magnets, the season brochure and many other marketing materials for the next season. Seeing them all finalized and ready to be distributed is just great. I know Triad Stage will have a successful season, and I will absolutely be back to support all that they do! I encourage you to do the same! 😉

Bryelle Dafeldecker