Published on August 2, 2012, by in Internships, ROTC/Military.

Hey fans!

The past few days this week have been geared toward Preventative Maintenance Checks & Services (PMCS). This acronym basically means that you comb over the vehicles that you’re in charge of to make sure they are ready to roll. The vehicles deteriorate and breakdown while sitting in the motorpools (which is just a very large parking lot for a lot of different vehicles).

The Stryker can be modified for many different variations from mortar mounted to a medical vehicle. It is similar to an armored personnel carrier, moving soldiers to their destination in a vehicle that is uparmored and can withstand small arms fire. My company has around 12 Strykers with one MGS (although we’re supposed to have 3 total). An MGS is a Mobile Gun System. It is a Stryker with a big turret, it is the one pictured here. We also have support vehicles as well: trucks that haul around things we need for training.

Right now it’s 0430 and we’re on our way to a field training exercise with another company. Every company is run differently and Bravo is no exception. This time we will be doing urban operations so it’s going to be pretty sweet working around simulated villages. Maneuvering units and vehicles through the villages is going to be a challenge, but it’ll be a great learning experience. I hope I get to kick down some doors!

Anyway there will be another post soon, so stay tuned!