Published on August 2, 2012, by in Internships.

Our company hired a professional product photographer to take pictures of our different pillow products and ChiliPad units. He came in one morning and it took us about two hours to set up all the lights and the gray screen. I was the photoshoot assistant for the day. It was my job to help move-in and set-up the equipment, adjust the products during the shoot, and coordinate the different shots we needed.

I also helped cut-out the products in Photoshop later for the graphic designer. Since the pictures were professional, it didn’t need much color-correcting and lighting adjustments, which was extremely convenient.

In the process, I got to learn a lot about photography. From remote flash devices, to lighting the product for minimal shadows, to the perks of a gray screen versus a green screen. The photographer was really helpful in teaching me the technical details. He also shot a couple random, fun shots behind the scenes!