Published on August 6, 2012, by in Internships, Journalism.

What an amazing past week! When my eyes haven’t been glued to the T.V. watching Team USA win, what seems like everything, I’ve been busy finishing up my last assignments at FWV. I have enjoyed my internship this summer more than I can say. I have learned so much this summer and have had amazing guidance throughout the way.  The Olympics have been a special time for me, as two of the clients I have worked with this summer are connected to the London games. Earlier in the summer I worked with the swimwear giant, Arena USA. Some of the top athletes at the Olympics have been sporting Arena suits, goggles and caps this year. One athlete in particular is the recent gold medalist, Rebecca Soni. She rocked her hot pink Arena suit as she won the 200m breaststroke and broke yet another world record. It has been awesome to see her get so much attention for winning and for wearing a great suit! Another connection I have to the games through my internship is with Jessica Hardy, also a U.S. Olympic swimmer. I help with her media coverage by organizing her interviews and media hits. Although I have never met Rebecca or Jessica, it still feels like I have a small connection to them! I love that about public relations. In a way PR practioners are much like the fans in the stands. We essentially “cheer on” clients and get them the attention they so deserve. I’m going for gold in my final week as an intern. I hope to finish strong, just as the incredible U.S. swimmers do!