Published on August 10, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

In the final days of my internship, I’ve been creating graphics and pictures in advance to give my company a little lead-way in my absence. For example, every Thursday, a “ChiliTip” will be posted to the Facebook page to help educate ChiliPad owners so that our customer service representative has less “general question” phone calls to handle.

Since the product I’m trying to promote helps save money for home owners with high energy bills, I used a cost-saving-calculator we have to educate potential buyers on how much they could save in a solid number. However, since this was done via a social media medium, it needed to be fun and light to engage fans. I made a poster announcing the service and an example “results” poster to help encourage others to try it. For those who stay well-read on popular memes, this is indeed the “punny” Science Cat.