Published on August 14, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

Dear future interns,

Here I am on the last day of my internship writing a quick “dummies guide” to working for this awesome company. I personally wasn’t really sure what to do on my first day and I hope this letter will put you at ease. First off, the people here are really friendly. They’re not smiling and greeting you just because you’re the new kid. They do that every day. If you have a question, people are more than glad to help.

I loved Monday mornings (crazy, I know) because of the meetings. As Todd Youngblood put it during my first meeting with him, “you will be learning a lot by osmosis.” I came in as a media intern, but I definitely picked up a lot of business tips from the day-to-day “fire drills” they have around here. After just a day, I knew how flexible this company operates. They have certain things they would like for you to accomplish for them, but they also want to help you grow professionally in the areas you’d like to be involved in. So don’t hesitate to get involved. There will be some things you don’t always enjoy (I read tons of government documents for a couple days) and there will be fun days that keep you busy.

It’s time for me to write the paragraph that will hopefully dictate the way your internship goes. Make the most of it and take advantage of the opportunities offered. You learn fairly early how to communicate quickly and efficiently around here. When it comes to getting a job in the “real world” after you graduate, you’ll be sending potential employers some pretty impressive emails. If you have an idea that you think will be a big hit, then ask someone about it and plan a little bit. If there’s too much for you to do, take a moment to sit down and write a “do it” list so you can feel accomplished when you cross things off. If you find yourself just sitting pretty and bored, create projects for yourself (the Y Drive needs serious help) or do some research (If you use Google Alerts, the research comes to you!) that will help you become better at your job. The sooner you learn names, the better. If you find that a fellow worker is flooded with work, offer to stay late and help them solve problems because this business is teamwork-oriented, not you’re-on-your-own. Dress nicely, because you never know what big-name company representative will walk through the door. Plus, it makes you feel awesome. Keep a jacket in the car; it can get cold every now and then. Take a pen and a notepad into meetings because you’ll need it. You’ll be here for a while, so make yourself at home with a few pictures pinned up. This company can help you get to great places in your life, but first you have to help yourself. Take initiative and get things done. Be creative. And finally, the fridge beside Todd’s office has soda. All you have to do is drop 50 cents in the cup on the microwave. You’ll need the caffeine for your new cubicle job.

Feel free to connect or message me online. I’d loveto talk to you! I’m all over social media and I’m the only “Melia Sigmon” out there, so it won’t be hard to find me.

Best of luck,

Melia Sigmon