Published on August 16, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

WOW! I still can’t believe that summer is finally over and that my internship is winding down. This summer has been beyond amazing, and I could not be more excited about my future career in communications. The skills that I have learned from social media techniques to graphic design and more have helped me grow and build my resume. As many of you may know from reading my past blog entries, I have been hired by my internship for the upcoming school year, which is amazing because I will be continuing those relationships with Percepture. One of the most important lessons that I have learned from interning is to never stop learning and work hard. Life should be equal parts responsibility and fun. To incoming freshman, study hard, but don’t forget to balance and enjoy the next four years. To current HPU students, live by that same model. Future employers will notice your work ethic and drive to succeed so don’t be afraid to let it shine. I am extremely blessed to have had such an amazing internship this past summer, and continuing that relationship throughout my senior year will not only help me grow, but lead to future employment and success! Thank you for reading, all the best!