Published on May 23, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

SummerThe best thing about being an intern is the amount of different things you get to do. Some may seem, well pointless, but these tasks expose you to a large amount of different aspects of different positions. For those who do not know what they want their careers to be in the future, an internship is a great start. So far I have worked with finances, editing, interior design, scheduling, record keeping and technology troubleshooting. Take in mind I have done all of this and I work for a mobile application company.

Being trusted with the accounts and business expenses of the chief creative officer gives me a bigger responsibility than the typical intern. Editing proposals gives me a great sense of usefulness and tinkering with different phones and tablets has given me a broader knowledge of the different services and technology out there. The current and major project I have been assigned to for the summer is moving.

We are currently moving our office into a location two and a half times the size of our current one. Since all of the employees already have their own tasks to keep up with, there is little help in the area of decorating and supplying for the new office. It has been a blast browsing through online furniture catalogs and visiting furniture stores for design ideas. To keep track of the construction progress, my boss thought it was a good idea to set up GoPro Hero 2 cameras in the new office and have them take pictures at every hour increment. After realizing sixty seconds was the maximum amount of time between each picture, my boss scrapped the idea.