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Hallway5/14/2013: As a college student and aspiring professional, I should tell you that there can be no price tag put on the experiences gained from a good internship. The exposure to your respective field and pivotal importance on your resume is invaluable. That is the purpose of this blog, isn’t it? However, as a girl, I must tell you that this building is amazing! It’s an old hosiery mill from 1918 located in the Third Ward neighborhood of center city Charlotte. The building was constructed as Defiance Sock Mills during Charlotte’s rise as a textile manufacturing center of the South in the early 20th century. The old mill is now on the Registry of Historic Sites in Charlotte, and tours are constantly coming through the building. The exposed brick walls, original hardwood floors and exposed-beam ceilings provide a rustic-yet-modern environment that gives the feeling of freedom and creativity. The ceilings are very high, and all of the vents and pipes are Inspirationexposed. There are large wood-framed ceilings that allow natural light to flow in like inspiration. The steel stair wells are also original to the building. My desk is in the front of the building with others who work in other companies under the umbrella of Enventys – Inventors Digest, Edison Nation, Everyday Edisons and Edison Nation Medical. This area is cubical-like for privacy, but large and open for wide communication.

The design department is colorful, creative and chic. With fogged glass doors and walls, and large counter-height work spaces, the design department provides opportunity for creative collaboration and visual artistry in a shared space. It is funky and fresh, but I hear that the design department will soon be undergoing other structural changes to provide a more liberal and unhampered group work space to make for a more progressive design team. Around the halls and spaces upstairs are the inventions and products Enventys has helped to patent or create – the Gyro Bowl, TableEggies, Bed Lifts, The Emery Cat, etc. Much like High Point University, inspiration and creativity can be found in every nook and cranny.

Down stairs is the T.V. studio, where the PBS show “Everyday Edisons” is filmed. The CEO of Enventys Louis Foreman is the head judge on the competition show, where much like “American Idol,” contestants audition across the country for a chance to pitch their “million dollar ideas” to a panel of celebrity judges for a chance to win a patent and license for their products. Also downstairs is the engineering lab, where engineers and designers make prototypes and perform product testing to get the product designs right. (They can often be heard upstairs drilling, sawing or blowing things up.) The newest edition downstairs is Edison Nation Medical – a new wing where inventions will branch into the Break Roommedical field. They have formed a new partnership with Hitachi, and there are some amazing gadgets down there. (I don’t get to play with those.)

Upstairs in the kitchen, there is a Freestyle Coke machine and a frozen yogurt machine (complete with toppings bar.) Vanilla Coke and salted caramel pretzel fro-yo on tap – all day, every day. And who says HPU isn’t just like the “real world?” The overall corporate culture is young and fresh and thriving with innovation.

My role at Enventys is Editorial Director of Inventors Digest magazine. Basically, I will be acting as editor for the 48-page monthly publication. Currently, Mark Cantey the VP and managing editor, is the person doing the editing, but quite frankly he does not have time to spend on this task. Between securing advertisers, selling subscriptions, single-handedly writing the content, coordinating with contributors and general keeping-the-lights-on-type tasks, he does not have time to comb through material with a fine-toothed comb – this is where I come in. In this role, I am responsible for editing every piece of content that goes into the magazine for grammar, style, and any other mistakes. It is my job to get the content in accordance with AP style, remove any spelling or grammar errors, and make sure that all 48 pages are flawless before going to the design department for layout. Lately, a lot of big mistakes have been slipping through the cracks and going to print because no one has time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. As a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi and religious follower of AP Style, I readily accept this challenge. I am also serving as an impromptu writer for the magazine. I have several goals for the summer: to get Inventors Digest back to its established release schedule; to vastly improve the quality of the content going into the magazine; to increase satisfaction among readers and stakeholders; and to alleviate some of the stressors and problems that are obstructing Mark, the managing editor, from doing what he does best: selling advertisements and subscriptions. I have identified my role in the team and I look forward to fulfilling it.

-Taylor Higgins