Published on May 24, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

SummerThanks goodness it is Friday! These nine to six workdays are very long and they are preparing me for what I should expect when I graduate college. Fridays in the office are very laid-back. My co-workers do not usually show up until around ten o’ clock in the morning and then they begin to complete their daily tasks. One of the reasons the company is so successful, is that it is very communicative oriented and everyone makes an effort to develop a relationship with each and every person. Today, the entire art department went out to lunch together at a place called Bangers (which I might add has some awesome sausages). It was the typical Austin, Texas atmosphere with the long, outside wooden tables and a fenced area in which you could bring your dogs to play. After eating, the whole department headed back to the studio to keep working on their projects. The reason I believe the employees of this company really enjoy their job is that they not only have a passion for their work, but they are also not hounded by their bosses. Every employee knows what is expected of him/her and hits his/her deadlines consistently. Chaotic Moon is a company that really knows how to run itself!