Published on May 28, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

MeliaOn the first day of my internship, NASCAR gave to me… one T shirt, one polo, one jacket, a leather portfolio and a partridge in a pear tree. It felt like Christmas getting all my fancy NASCAR gear to wear around the office. But in all seriousness, I imagine my first day went about the same way as everyone else’s did. It was a blur of new member paperwork, handshakes, wandering around till I found whatever I was looking for and pretending that I knew what the “norm” was in this new environment. I got to tour the 8th floor of the NASCAR Plaza about three times, learning something new each round.

The first time, I got a feel of the building, how it’s laid out, where the bathroom and kitchen areas are located and the fact that it’s pretty much a giant circle with a few hallways. So I could never truly get lost. That was fantastic news.

The second time, my second tour guide explained the different divisions of people, who they report to, what they do, how their process works and where they fit in with the company… I pretty much learned about all the different herds of people.

During the third reiteration, I got to meet all the people on that floor. It was a long procession of introductions, talking about my major, explaining which division I would be working with and preaching about the wonderful High Point University.

I got a quick picture of me at the front desk on our floor then I settled into my own desk and got acclimated to the systems I would be working with. I had to go through a Wiki Ninja training program. I’m proud to say that I’m officially a black belt when it comes to operating Atlassian’s Confluence Wiki, which essentially stores live documents for group editing.