Published on May 28, 2013, by in Business, Internships, Marketing.

This summer I have been given the opportunity to come back to the SAS Headquarters in Cary, NC as a second year intern. SAS Institute is one of the largest private software companies in the world. SAS develops analytics software that helps other companies to analyze important corporate data to aid in decision-making. That includes about 79% of all Fortune 500 companies.

SAS Logo

I work in marketing for a group called “Emerging Solutions”, which deals loosely with Life Sciences, Health Care, Hospitality & Travel, Utilities, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain aspects of the company. We are located in what is currently the newest building here on the main SAS campus: Building C.

Office Building

For my first week at SAS, I got to work on some projects that really opened my eyes to some of the small tasks that are often overlooked when it comes to keeping a large company running smoothly. The largest undertaking would definitely be what is called “Cleanup/Archiving.” I was granted permission to directly edit and delete parts of the SharePoint site. This is where large amounts of the marketing data from 2009 to present are stored. I got to go in and compress large amounts of the old data into smaller files to be archived, and then delete the old data, so that the site is not as cluttered and so that it can run faster.

This is my ID badge – it’s so official 

ID Badge

And this is my office: