Published on May 28, 2013, by in Entertainment, Internships.

Blog 2 TaylorMost interns end their workday on Friday around 5:00pm. Not me, I was just getting started.
Music hardly sleeps and I soon realized I would do the same. I arrived at the office at 7:30pm, only to be there for maybe 40 minutes. During those 40 minutes the event manager for Kiss 95.7, another intern, DJ Munchie (a jock as they call the talent in radio) and I devised our game plan.
Before we could leave we needed tweet about the event and collect various items:
ZEPHYR 1 +2

We took the KISS 95.7 car, a 2006 GMC Yukon, to the event venue, a night club in downtown Hartford, CT. Every Friday night at Up or On the Rocks, KISS 95.7 does a promotional event known as Club KISS. The decor and music turns from a typical night scene to a lively environment with everything KISS 95.7.

Blog 2 WallEven though the event did not start until 9:00pm, we arrived at the venue at 8:30pm to set up. I was tasked with hanging up an array of KISS 95.7 posters/banners. I learned that when two entities, KISS 95.7 and Up or On the Rocks, it is crucial to make sure both parties receive brand awareness. With that in mind I made sure both company’s logos were visible everywhere and that I greeted people by saying “Welcome to Up or On the Rocks, hosted by KISS 95.7.” I learned how an event can promote two seemingly different services, radio and a night club, in one fell swoop.

During the event I updated social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram. I also took a ton of photos for promotional reasons. The photos were used for social media purposes and will be going online at KISS 95.7 in less than 24 hours. The photos are also used as “proof of sponsorship.” They are used to make sure that both KISS 95.7 and Up or On the Rocks upheld their ends of the contract for the event. In between gathering proof of sponsorship, I was handing out prizes and aiding with promotional giveaways. Every 20 minutes I gave away a tanning package to a lucky winner. The winners were anything but random. I always thought that giveaways were spontaneous but in reality they are staged! The various prizes were given to people who had a birthday that weekend or to people that really wanted attention from the #1 Today’s Hit Music station, KISS 95.7.

The night was filled with laughs, contests, prizes, and of course, music. The event was scheduled to run until 1:00am. At 1:15am I aided in the pack-up, clean-up and goodbyes that go along with any successful event.

The entire radio show was done live on the air from Up or On the Rocks. The best part was when DJ Munchie gave a shout out to the “fabulous interns,” gave Becca and I the microphone to say our names “Taylor and Becca.”

“Be sure to look out for our fabulous interns Taylor and Becca who will be walking around with some great prizes.” So cool! I had a brief moment of fame and it was exciting.

Back at the office, we spent the next 15 minutes evaluating the event. We discussed questions like: What went well? What could have been done better? How could we have entertained the crowd more? Did the sponsorship make sense?

After discussing those questions it was finally time to head home. I pulled into the driveway at exactly 2:15am, an hour that came rather quickly.