Published on May 29, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

After a long weekend, today was full of meetings and commotion. First thing was to WD-40 all of the conference chairs that were squeaking. As soon as the tidying of the conference room was accomplished (and the toxic smell was wafted out by the fan) it was quickly being used again.

5.28 Conference

Chaotic Moon Studios is booming with growth and novel products. Because of this the press is inevitable. Our co-founder and face of the company was interviewed by an advertising agency. Needless to say the space was a little cramped but it was exciting to see cameras and lights filling up our office.


What I enjoyed most about my day, however, was taking a look at the new office building. Sadly I will not really get to work in it, as it will not be ready till after summer has ended. However, I am working to decorate the facility and I am excited to see my co-workers move into a much bigger space. From visiting the construction site, it is hard to be able to imagine what the final product will look like but the expansion of space is evident.

5.28 New Office