Published on May 29, 2013, by in Business, Internships, Marketing.

Desk Sign (2)After waiting all school year to find out whether or not I had been hired for the internship, Monday, May 20 finally came. I was about to embark upon an 11 week experience unlike any other. I put on my Office Depot red dress and headed off to Intern Orientation Day. I had no idea what to expect.

The corporate building is huge. It is actually three buildings put together into one huge complex – complete with the North, Center and South buildings. There are five floors, with offices, common rooms and resource centers on every floor. In addition to offices there is a cafeteria, featuring a sushi station and made-to-order wrap station, a gym with cardio machines and free weights, a place to drop off dry cleaning, gift shop and chair massage room. Some may say excessive, I say incentive!

Anyway, after touring the massive complex, we really got to learn about Office Depot, not only as a store but as a brand. Like every other company, there are policies and procedures to follow. We had a group discussion about ethics and morals and we played a game of Office Depot Jeopardy to get to know the company better.

On Day 1, we were given reusable bags, all the office supplies in the world, travel cups, OD decorated Oreo cookies and the one thing that stood out to me was a handwritten note signed by the staff on my floor welcoming me to the team. As a University Ambassador at HPU, I never really put much consideration into how much a handwritten note can mean. Once I opened my note, I remember how I felt when I got my thank you after my tour at HPU and that was a feeling of belonging.

On my desk was a sign (see photo) welcoming me from my managers. The little things they do here at Office Depot to welcome you are incredible!