Published on May 30, 2013, by in Internships.
Lip-syncing "One Direction"  and dancing their hearts out.

Lip-syncing “One Direction” and dancing their hearts out.

Every Wednesday, here at BMA, classes end early for an event called BMA Family, where the student body as well as the teachers do an activity together to help build unity. Some examples are baseball, pumpkin carving, arts and crafts, watching a movie and talk (and dress) like a pirate; so activities that will bring the students closer to each other and their teachers.

This Wednesday, for the first time, BMA Family put on a lip-sync competition. I had the fun task of putting it together with my collogue Mr. Loy. We showed the video of John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon having a lip-syncing duel to get the students excited about the idea, and they did not disappoint. I even decided to join in the fun and did a number myself. (Also if you haven’t seen that video of John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon I highly recommend it!)

There were seven groups that decided to compete. Some of my favorites were two girls that did Dancing Queen by ABBA and dressed up in hippie clothes; four boys that decided to be the hit British boy band One Direction and even had choreography; and last but not least a quiet boy who did a traditional Czech song sung by a female. I had a lot of fun lip-syncing “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. We had three judges that graded the performances on ability, stage presence, costume and confidence. In the end the boy who did the Czech song won, which everyone was thrilled about because he is usually a very privet student. Everyone had a wonderful time and Mr. Loy said there had never been a higher turn out to a BMA Family event. I would say it was a big success.

The ABBA Girls

The ABBA Girls

Putting on this event got me thinking about how important it is for teachers and students to have fun together. Building a bond with teachers doesn’t just come from classroom interactions. The teachers I am closest to at HPU are the teachers that I know outside class time. It was really great to see that the students here at BMA get to have relationships with their teachers the same way I do with mine at High Point.