Published on June 4, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

6.4 PhoneSo, I officially got my first company phone. It’s a Samsung Galaxy 2 I believe. While I won’t be using it to make many calls, I will be using it a lot. As a part of my web analytics training, it’s important to test the NASCAR mobile application when it comes to several different types of phones and services. We do this to make sure that every user has a comfortable experience no matter what service or phone they have. It’s also important to help diagnose problems.

We test how the app functions in different categories such as: Sprint and Non-Sprint cellphones or iPhone 4 and 5 and Non-iPhones. We also test the app on Windows phones, Androids, iPads, iPad minis, and other tablets. Because of this, some employees have drawers filled with electronic devices. With this particular phone, I was using a program to determine the pageName (it’s not a typo I swear) of every possible screen in the app. I would then check to make sure that the pageName made sense based on the content. By doing this, I created a spreadsheet that will act as an easy navigation guide when it’s sent to Sprint employees.

The program I used to do this utilized proxies to intercept and read “calls” when a page is selected in the NASCAR mobile app. I would then read through the information that was associated with the call, find the pageName, and organize it in an Exel document. I did this for about 5 different devices to make sure that everything was logical across the board.

I feel like a nerd for saying it, but I’m pretty excited to see which device I get to test next. Web analytics can be pretty interesting!