Published on June 10, 2013, by in Business, Internships, Marketing.

Me by signThis week, like no other, has started off to be exceptionally busy. So far, I have 18.5 hours of scheduled meetings on my calendar and there very well could be more meetings added to this. Today, for example, the day started with an entire Customer Initiatives team meeting, where we played “Two Truths and a Lie” to bond, followed with a legal team about a future partnership. I just returned from a large meeting and conference call with everyone who has anything to do with Back-To-School, including the district managers for the stores.

This afternoon, I have meetings with an email team to discuss an email promotion we are putting out, as well as a regroup from a second promotion. Later on in the week, I will be attending intern information sessions with speakers from e-Commerce and other areas of the company. We are taking two field trips this week; one trip will be visiting the Weston Distribution Center and one will be visiting a store! Although it is busy, I love it! It is very cool to learn about how so many teams are needed to work together and make Back-To-School successful.

In the meantime, I should catch up on my work. Projects still need to be completed in between meetings!