Published on June 10, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

iOS liveCalling all Apple fans. Your life is about to change.

Okay, well your life is not really going to change but your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod Touch just might. Today was the announcement of iOS7 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), which many of my co-workers are currently attending. Of course being the mobile application nerds we are at Chaotic Moon, we all watched intently. Listening to the remarks and critiques that my fellow teammates made, as we watched the live feed together, showed me how much the new system would affect technology. My co-workers knew exactly what they were talking about and laughed at the new features that had absolutely no value.

Here are the coolest and most important things (to me) that I took away from the announcement:

1. iTunes Radio: Watch out Pandora, iTunes radio is making you obsolete. With an easy tap on the right hand corner of your screen you can buy any song you are listening to.
2. Photos: Your photos are now organized into special “Moments” which include the date and location.
3. Flashlight: We all use our phone as a light. Bye-bye flashlight applications. iOS 7 has one built in.
4. Siri: Now you can just turn on and off your Bluetooth or change your brightness by asking Siri. Plus there is now a female and male voice!
5. Texting and Driving: ios7 brings experience to the screens in your car.
6. Weather: Snowing outside? There will be animated snowfall going down your screen or a lightning striking during a thunderstorm.

Basically iOS7 brings some amazing graphics and ideas to the table that will really affect other companies.