Published on June 12, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

Amy StammThere are 35 interns at NASM spread across three buildings: the National Mall building, the Udvar-Hazy Center and the Garber Preservation, Restoration and Storage Facility. Because the NASM internship program is relatively large, there are weekly events planned for all the interns to get together and share their experiences. Every Monday we have a brown bag lunch where interns are expected to present on the progress of our intern projects (I’ll get to mine soon–I’m sure you’re in suspense wondering what it is). This week, because we’re only one week in, we instead had a safety demonstration by the office of Health and Safety. We learned how to use a fire extinguisher and I learned one really important thing – if a fire breaks out, I should not be put in charge of extinguishing it.

This morning the interns and our supervisors all gathered for breakfast with General Jack Dailey, who is the Director of the National Air and Space Museum. This event served as his official welcome to us and he spoke to us about his transition from the Marine Corps to being the director of the world’s most popular museum. The breakfast gave us all an interesting insight into all that goes into running a museum, especially one of such high esteem. My department, the Office of Communications, sometimes works closely with General Dailey’s office, so I may have the opportunity to meet him again in the future.

There have been so many opportunities for all of the interns to not only learn from their supervisors but also from each other, which is really enhancing the internship program.