Published on June 17, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.
6.17 Team at Rudy's

The team at Rudy’s.

The monthly art meeting…ah yes. Why does the team look forward to this meeting? Let’s be honest: the free food. Even the Chief Creative Officer (my boss) has not seen a lot of the work that the team has been putting together in the last couple of weeks. While I cannot share all of the secret details about the projects, there are a lot of big mobile applications under development. It was really inspiring to see the products that came from the determination of the creative team. And, of course, being the awesome company we are, there’s plenty of small talk and jokes during this 3 hour get-together. Oh and Summerbreakfast tacos…we cannot forget about those.

The bonding time includes none other than a trip to Rudy’s Barbeque. You wouldn’t think that the food would be great (because it is attached to a gas station) but let me tell you the Texans take pride in this place. And, why not? The environment is perfect and the food is delicious. While eating out with the team; a lot of my co-workers thought of ideas that they could use me for. I can’t name the app or the company I have been brainstorming for, but it is huge!