Published on June 20, 2013, by in Internships.

6.20 briefsI am currently in the full swing of things at my summer internship at the law firm, Halloran & Sage. Some of the highlights of the past couple weeks include a hearing of a motion for discovery, and learning the importance of case law.

Last Tuesday, I attended a hearing of a motion for discovery. This gave me the opportunity to experience how people present an argument and a defense. A very basic definition of a Motion for Discovery is simply each side must “put all their cards on the table” or provide all the necessary information to both parties. In this case one side didn’t disclose or admit to certain information. We went to the judge to settle the dispute and straighten everything out. In the end we made the stronger case, and judge ruled in our favor. I learned that attention to detail is very important to judges and hard work shows.

Last Thursday was spent at the firm learning about what it takes to win an argument. Creating and forming an argument is an art. However, proving and backing up an argument is equally as important. The way that is done is through case law. Case Law is previous law decisions that a lawyer can use to prove his or her point. It takes attentive reading and understanding to pick out the right information pertaining to a case. I was given multiple cases to read through to see if I could understand why certain cases work for an argument and certain cases don’t. It wasn’t easy. The law language is difficult to understand at times. This is an experience that showed me that reading and reading comprehension are two skills that are used heavily in this field. You have to like reading in order to do well at your job. The reading, most of the time, is very interesting which helped me stay awake at times.

Overall, a great couple of weeks and I have continued to learn a lot as this internship progresses. I am learning many skills that I will use in my final two years at High Point University.