6.20 Website HeaderOn June 7, I got an email from the managing editor of The Daily Quirk, an online news blog that covers Arts & Entertainment and lifestyle and wellness topics. She briefed me on how this internship was unpaid, writers had to contribute at least 2 articles per month, and it was a virtual internship.

A virtual internship, unlike standard internships, means that I can do all the work from home. While I will still be sitting at home, I have work on a daily basis that I get to do for this website that will keep me busy and active.

On top of being able to write in a new style I have yet to explore in my time at High Point University, I will have opportunities to interview well-known authors, artists, singers and actors over the phone and through email. I will also be able to edit videos that I produce and with pre-filmed material.

And with that, I start my journey of a summer internship with The Daily Quirk. I have already written my first article that came out June 18, and I am excited to chronicle the rest of my journey with this unique internship experience.