Published on June 21, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

6.21 Oreo TestingIt’s been a busy week here at WTOP with a variety of assignments I have taken on. The good news is: hard work pays off. I have been featured on the WTOP website twice this week, both with a picture and an article.

Earlier this week, Nabisco released the watermelon Oreo, their new summer flavor for the popular cookie. Along with another intern, I went to the nearest Target, picked up a package and walked around the streets of D.C. asking people to try the new cookie and voice their opinions. Surprisingly, everyone who tried it loved it. As for myself and the other intern, we weren’t too impressed and favored the iconic black and white cookie. In the newsroom, a reporter for WTOP captured us trying the cookie which was uploaded to the website later that afternoon.

Yesterday, I attended a media event at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park for the debut 6.21 Sloth Bear Cubof the 6-month-old sloth bear cub, Hank. No, the bear is not related to the sloth, but it is adorable. I was able to interview a couple of the care takers at the Zoo and learn more about the sloth bear cub. Afterwards, I was asked to write an article on the cub which was posted online for readers (I was even given a byline!).

Also this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Preston Bailey, a renowned event and party designer from New York, about how to create an unforgettable event. Next week, I will have the opportunity to interview Colonel David W. Sutherland, who will be discussing the challenges veterans returning from the Middle East will face in the coming years and well into the future; the essential services veterans will need; and how we can better support our veterans and their families.