6.24 buildingHello from the center of the universe…New York City! Since the beginning of June, I’ve been completely in my element as an editorial intern at Hearst Magazines for not one, but TWO major publications. What began as a simple cover letter and resume led to offers from first Country Living and soon after O, The Oprah Magazine. Don’t underestimate the importance of adding personality to your cover letter and objective! As a writer, I added a bit of honesty and humor to both and, sans connections, stood out from the Hearst hopefuls.

Five days a week, I make the short commute from Long Island to Midtown Manhattan. My office is in Columbus Circle, a mere two blocks from Central Park. In the morning I grab my (completely necessary) iced coffee and people watch in the park before heading up to the 32nd or 36th floor, depending on the day.

I have the most amazing editors to guide me at each publication that I’m getting to know on a personal level. They’re young women who started out just like me, as an intern at Hearst, but are always quick to encourage me that this is just the beginning of the journey…and that Hearst likes to hire their interns. I feel so fortunate that I’m able to make two internships at high-profile magazines work, and get my name out there. Though it’s only June, we’re wrapping up production on the October issue at both magazines…look for my name in the masthead!