Published on June 25, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

6.25 Grump CatThis week marks my second week “on the job” with The Daily Quirk. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks because I’ve pretty much gone in head first with my assignments. From day one, I was assigned an article and the opportunity to attempt video editing for a “Man of Steel” feature.

My article was actually an A&E article about other internet memes (pronounced “meem”), that deserve a movie just like Grumpy Cat. It was a great change of pace from my normal articles, and I had a great time creating “movies” for these internet memes. You can read the article by clicking here: Internet Memes Article.

Then on Friday, things got a little more intense, but in a good way. I got big news last Friday from my managing editor. She emailed me early in the afternoon to tell me that I had the opportunity to interview two separate actors if I was interested, and I obviously took them on with mounds of excitement.

I set up interviews through my managing editor for June 26 and June 27. She then sent press kits and some bio information that could help me with my research.

After learning I’d be interviewing the two actors, I scheduled a time to call the managing editor to talk about important interviewing skills. From our talk, I took away three important messages. First, it’s important to make sure you make them feel comfortable and at ease. The interview should be conversational, not interrogational.

Second, it’s not what you ask, it’s how you ask. Never ask a question in a way that makes them feel obligated or swayed into answering a certain way. The questions should be opened ended, and allow them to answer in the way that best suits them.

And last, if you plan on recording the interview, always ask them prior to recording. While most people know it is going to happen, letting them know you’ll be recording and how you intend to use the recording makes them feel at ease (and keeps you out of trouble).

For most journalism students, this is information they probably already know. I had also heard this from many professors, but it was so great to hear what I am learning in the classroom applied to the workplace.

I am looking forward to applying what I know in researching to discovering more about the actors, creating open-ended questions and adding these celebrity Q&A’s to my portfolio.