Published on June 25, 2013, by in Internships.

6.25 The GroupI recently visited the special needs school, with the 3rd year students from BMA, for an afternoon of fun and games. This school has children with a wide range of mental and physical disabilities. We broke the ice by playing musical chairs, with one of the BMA students playing the guitar while the kids danced around the chairs. When a student would get out everyone erupted into cheers of consolation. After a few rounds of musical chairs we played a game similar to rock, paper, scissors. Now because I can only speak 6.25 Playing Guitara handful of words in Czech I did my best to communicate with my new friends by being super silly and using a lot of hand gestures which became very useful in the next game of animal charades. I was partnered with a boy named Honza, who had Down syndrome. We went back and forth laughing the entire time. While we were playing the games, there was one boy student who could not participate because he was unable to stand on his own. A boy from the 3rd year class named Noah, who played the guitar for musical chairs, saw this boy and went up to him and started to show him how to play his guitar. It was such a beautiful sight to see a boy who could not participate, still feel included. After a few minutes, Noah taught him how to strum the guitar as he held down chords. The boys and girls started to watch and listen as they played the guitar together. After about 2 hours with these awesome kids we said our goodbyes and everyone was giving hugs. It was such a fun and rewarding day. We went in there thinking we would help brighten these students day, and they ending up brightening ours.