Published on June 25, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

6.25 Name CardI’ve been MIA from the blog lately. I must say that my internship with NASCAR has been picking up speed (pun intended). It certainly wasn’t slow to begin with, but now I’m beginning to take on bigger projects and more daily responsibilities!

As of a couple weeks ago, my presence became official in the form of a new cubicle name plate. My arrival to the office was pretty perfect because they were in the process of adding and updating all of the tags.

As far as work goes, I’ve spent a lot of time getting adjusted to the way that NASCAR conducts meetings. As the weeks have passed on, I’ve gone from preparing agendas for meetings, to shadowing at meetings, to taking notes to compare with others, to being the note taker, to conducting a few myself. It was a really smooth progression that has allowed me to pick up little tidbits of knowledge about organization, time management, and paying attention.

During the main process that I work with during this internship, there’s one big meeting that happens every Wednesday between all of the directors and executive sponsors. Just last Wednesday, I took notes. This upcoming Wednesday, I will be the main facilitator. That entails preparing the agenda, phoning in those who aren’t in Charlotte, guiding everyone through the meeting, taking notes, and executing all the action items afterwards. I’m pretty excited about it.