Published on July 1, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

7.1.2 iheart radioToday was my longest work day yet. Thirteen hours and counting! The beauty of it is that I got to see the office shift throughout the day. The morning started of quiet. There was no one in the office and no one in the studio except for Broadway, Cory, a few ESPN broadcasters and me. At 5 in the morning it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop. The only noise in the entire building is coming from the Country 92.5 studio, where Broadway and Cory are doing their Electric Barnyard morning show with my assistance.

The day then shifts to an odd yet semi-crazy early afternoon. Around noon, Josh Harris, from The Deadliest Catch, came to the station to do an interview in the Dunkin’ Donuts music lounge. The room was set up with two tall chairs, one for Josh and one for Broadway, the interviewer. In front of the two chairs were two rows of seats that fans could sit on while listening to the interview. There were only seven fans that came to the interview session so there was no need for crowd control or nitty-gritty details regarding the guest list or anything. The interview was rather unique and I will never forget the interactions. I would say more about it, but unfortunately the material gathered from the interview has been thrown out due to censorship. When dealing with a situation like this, one must remain calm and approach it with grace. Broadway did a nice job trying to take control of the interview back and redirecting questions. At the end of the day, only photographs taken could be used on our social media sites.

After a bizarre interview with Josh, I helped rearrange the Dunkin Donuts music lounge into a live performance setting. I added five microphones and three more rows of audience seating. In addition, I set up two speakers and studio equipment. The fun was about to begin!

7.1.2 backstreetAt 4 in the afternoon, the Backstreet Boys came into the studio to do a live performance with Kiss 95.7. The purpose of their visit was to promote their new album, that is debuting in July, as well as to announce their upcoming tour dates and locations. In order to be able to attend the performance as a fan, listeners had to register online to win tickets. There were 20 listeners that won and were documented on a guest list.

When listeners arrived it was crazy! All 20 girls were screaming with excitement. Some girls even tried to sneak in their friends, and unfortunately I had to turn them away due to space and liability issues. After helping my boss escort the appropriate people into the Dunkin Donuts music lounge, I set up a camera and shot some footage of the live performance hosted by Courtney, Walmart Jeff and Brady from Kiss 95.7.

After the performance, the fans were able to get their pictures taken with the Backstreet Boys. I had to help with “crowd” control and perfecting the process of stand in line, take a photo and promptly leave per request of the Backstreet Boys’ body guard…he did not want anyone lingering in the studio.

Once the fans left I got to actually meet the Backstreet Boys and get my picture taken with them! I have to say the experience was beyond exciting. My childhood dream of meeting the Backstreet Boys finally came true, and to no surprise at all they were both funny and sweet. They are definitely my favorite artists I have met so far.