Published on July 1, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

7.1 Group CarliYes, the title of this blog post says it all. I had the opportunity to meet Carly Rae Jepsen, along with Chris Wallace, Sky Blue, Hot Chel Rae, Kat Graham, Cheryl Lloyd and more! How might you ask? Through my summer internship with Clear Channel Communication. To kick start summer, KISS 95.7 hosts a concert series at Six Flags New England.

Upon arriving at the theme park I was told to make it look like “KISS 95.7 threw up.” By this my boss meant that every inch of the park should be covered in station propaganda. Posters with the KISS 95.7 logo were hung up 7.1 Trash posterall over the park, I must have hung at least 200. The reason for the explosion of posters is to make visitors aware that KISS 95.7 is on location. People that are just going to Six Flags for the fun of it will see the posters and want to know what is going on that day. They will then be informed that there is a concert being hosted by KISS 95.7 that they may want to attend. Now the station has gained a larger audience for the concert. Not only do the signs draw people in to attend the concert but it also attracts their attention. People that listen to the station will be excited to see the posters and people that don’t listen to the station might start because they saw the posters and are curious about what kind of music is played on the station. If nothing else, the posters will cause people to remember the station’s name hopefully for weeks to come and no one will be able to forget what station is putting on the Six Flags summer concert.

7.1 ChrisThis event is fun for obvious reasons like getting to see a concert for free and having the opportunity to meet popular up and coming artists. The event is also fun for other reasons like getting to extend my social media knowledge. Not only do I tweet live and post on Facebook from the KISS 95.7 page, I also get to explore newer social media networks like Vine and Instagram. One of my jobs at the event is to follow one of the radio jocks around and take footage of the fans, the venue, KISS 95.7 propaganda, the artists, and anything that looks appealing to the target market. Through this experience I learn what is eye catching for social media as well as how to use outlets like Vine, which I did not use for professional or personal uses prior to this event. I also am exposed to the power of hashtags and what it takes to get something like #KISSsummerkickoff or #SixFlags trending. The information, skills, and techniques I am learning for social media through 7.1 Staff Passmy internship are priceless. Who would have thought that there are certain words that are more likely to draw people in than other words.

The event was interrupted by a series of afternoon thunderstorms. Conditions were almost tornado like with the hail, heavy wind, rain, and dark skies. I had to assist the police and my boss in broadcasting to the screaming fans that the concert was being postponed. During this time I had to calm the upset girls down and deal with crowd control. I was advising people of the weather, the plan of action in case the weather kept up, and other information I could provide at the time. I did all of this with a smile and a positive attitude because I learned that fans respond more positively during a “crisis” situation if the person delivering bad news is confident, positive, and upbeat. After helping with salvaging the event and soothing the ordeal, I had the opportunity to sit in the VIP tent and have coffee with Carly and Chris, which was a very cool experience because I got to know 7.1 Group Christhem as people as well as artists.

Ultimately the event got cancelled because the rain wasn’t letting up any time soon and we had already waited two hours. Despite the inconvenient weather this event was still fun and a great learning experience.

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