Published on July 1, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

6.19 AmyRecap: This summer my main internship project is called Hometown Stories, and I will be pitching stories about all of the interns to their hometown newspapers. I thought I’d explain my project by detailing the various steps in the project and what I have been able to take away from each one.

Step 2: Find the story using information from a form, and talking to interns more if necessary.

The second step of my Hometown Stories project is definitely one of my favorites. This is probably because it starts with a highlighter and a pen, and I love highlighting and marking things up. So, I read everything they provide me on their forms and write down other tidbits I’ve learned. I then try to pull what I think is the most interesting about each person. It may be something about the intern personally, or about the project they are working on throughout their internship.

For example, one intern just returned from a year abroad in France, so in my pitch to his hometown newspapers I emphasized the whirl-wind year he has been having and the fact that his knowledge of French and the things he learned while traveling in France is helpful in his internship in the Visitor Services department.

For another intern, a Geology student working in the Center for Earth & Planetary Studies, I decided to focus on her intern project, which involves searching images of Mars’s surface to look for lava flows and looking into evidence of ancient lakes and rivers on Mars. Because there is inherent interest in the exploration of other planets, I chose to emphasize this aspect.

These are just two examples of pitches that I am working on—I have over 15 forms turned in by interns and I anticipate receiving more so my work is cut out for me, but I really enjoy learning about and finding a unique story angle for each intern. In the end, the challenge is figuring out which angle would be of the most interest to the readers of the newspapers I am pitching, which leads us to the third step…

I’ll cover Step 3 in my next post!