Published on July 3, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

StephanieAll summer I have been developing a quarterly campaign plan. Mine revolves around teachers, parents and students during the holiday gifting time. After seven weeks of editing facts, massaging language and selecting perfect images, my managers believed it was time for me to present my plan to the VP of Marketing. Earlier in the morning, one of my managers and I sat down to go over my presentation and went through some tips for giving a great presentation. I wasn’t really nervous until about ten minutes before my presentation. Although the team has many meetings weekly with the VP, this was the first time that all eyes were on me. I took a deep breath, hoped for the best and dove into my presentation.

Overall, I think I did a really great job presenting. I tripped over a few of my sentences and maybe said “uhh” or “umm” once or twice but aside from the little things, I was really happy with my presentation. The VP mentioned that during the first time I presented to him (about the gift cards) I seemed a bit nervous and did not seem very confident. This time, however, he said that I had an air of confidence, which translated into a more fluid presentation. We went through the presentation afterwards to address any questions and I am now working on changes because the next step is to present to the Senior VP of Marketing and then the Executive VP of Marketing. It’s pretty crazy that my ideas and suggestions very well could be carried out into successful marketing plans in just a few short months. I really do feel like all of my hard work and efforts have been noted and that my work really does matter here.